6 Airline Travel Hacks to Save Money

In 2014, I booked a one way ticket to Spain. From there, I traveled all over Europe every weekend for eight months. When I moved back to the United States, I managed to keep the travel dream alive by traveling to places like San Francisco, Niagara Falls, and Disney World. One thing I found to be Read More…

6 FAQs About Iceland

The first time I traveled to Iceland, it was for a layover so I didn’t put too much thought into what to bring; I was mostly packing for the destinations after Iceland. I realized I should have put much more effort into preparing for Iceland! The second time I went to Iceland, I googled and Read More…

6 Most Annoying Pet Peeves About Air Travel

Last month, I flew standby for the first time on Southwest. That meant I showed up at the airport at 3:00 a.m. and waited for the first flight with an open seat on it…on Thanksgiving weekend. Yeah, I didn’t plan very well. Everyone travels for Thanksgiving so the flights were super booked, and the only Read More…

Traveling Solo For the First Time

When you have the money to travel, you never have the time. When you have the time, you never have the money. Sometimes, though, you find yourself with just enough of each to take that trip you really want, but can’t find anyone to go with. Too many times, I let plans slip away because no one was able to come with me. Finally, I pushed my fears aside and did it: I tried traveling solo for the first time.

7 Best Apps for Iceland Travel

So you’re finally crossing Iceland off your bucket list. Congratulations! Now what? Luckily, Iceland has prepared for tourists that aren’t sure what to do, where to go, or what they want. After some research and a few trips to the magical land myself, I’ve compiled a list of the best apps for Iceland travel.

Tips to Decide Whether to Rent a Car or Take a Tour Bus in Iceland

There is an age-old question of all travelers going anywhere: to rent a car, or not to rent a car? If you’re planning a trip to Iceland, you probably already have a loose itinerary in mind and are now just looking at logistics to carry out all your adventurous plans. If you need to decide whether to rent a car or take a tour bus in Iceland, you’re going to need all the facts.

Christmas in Iceland

There are two well-known mountain-dwelling trolls in Iceland named Gryla and Leppalúði. The 13 sons of these two trolls are the sons of Christmas, so Christmas in Iceland has 13 “Santa Clauses”. But these sons of Yule lads are not like the jolly old St. Nick that Americans know and love; they are mean and mischievous Yule lads.

All Saints Day in Spain

November 1 is All Saints Day in Spain. Each year, people gather together to remember their loved ones who are no longer with us. Cemeteries are filled with people celebrating, not mourning, deceased relatives. People cover gravestones in elaborate floral displays, candles, and gifts as they celebrate their memories. It’s a beautiful holiday!

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

Epcot breaks stereotypes when it comes to traditional foods of countries around the world. In addition to all the permanent and temporary countries in Epcot during the International Food and Wine Festival, there are celebrity chefs, television show tapings, demonstrations, seminars, and tastings. It can be overwhelming if you walk into it without knowing what to expect!

Discovering the White Villages of Andalusia

I’ve noticed that when people tell me they’re traveling to Spain, it usually includes only a Madrid or Barcelona trip. While big cities are great, they don’t capture the essence of Spain. I’m here to entice you to either skip or add on to a trip to the big cities and discover the white villages of Andalusia.