Product Review: NeatPack Backpack

Every traveler needs a good backpack for hikes, weekend trips, or plane travel. Backpacks are easy to carry, well-balanced, and have lots of storage compartments to separate all your belongings. It’s hard to find the perfect backpack, but I never stop trying. The NeatPack backpack comes close to being perfect. It’s the lightest backpack I’ve ever worn and expands to hold plenty of things. Here’s why I recommend the NeatPack backpack for general, everyday use.

NeatPack backpack

Super Lightweight

I can’t stress this point enough! It really is like wearing air. Of course, the final weight will depend on what you put in it, but the backpack itself doesn’t add much weight to your travels.

The thin, lightweight material means there is no backbone or internal frame, but I find the internal frame to be troublesome sometimes. The internal frame backpacks won’t bend or fold to fit under the seat on a plane and they’re so much heavier. Without the internal frame, the NeatPack stays light and fits well under airplane seats to save money on bags.

NeatPack Backpack
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Big and Small at the Same Time

In its full size, the NeatPack is 18″ x 10″ but it folds up into the size of my hand (8″ x 8″). Because there’s no frame and little padding, the backpack literally folds like clothes and you can tuck it into the top pocket, which is a two-way zipper. Zip it up and you have a small bag with a handle, convenient for carrying around when you need space more than storage.

Plenty of Storage

The NeatPack is a 20-liter top-loading backpack. There’s a separator in the main part of the backpack, making it convenient to carry things like shoes or shampoo alongside clothes without getting the clothes dirty. The pocket that carries the backpack when it’s folded up turns into an internal pocket to carry valuables or other small items.

An outside pocket is perfect for easy-access. Plane tickets, passports, ID, maps, tissues, or other items you might need without digging through a backpack. Two outside mesh pockets hold water bottles outside your backpack for easy access and easy storage. The best part about these? The pockets are deep enough to hold a 25-ounce water bottle without it falling out.

For my video review showing how much storage my NeatPack backpack actually has, click here


Safety is a concern for every traveler. How can you keep from being robbed, keep your valuables from falling out of a zipper that keeps coming open, or avoid standing out to attackers? The NeatPack comes in a variety of colors to match your style and blend in with your surroundings. Personally, I prefer black because it blends in the best, in my opinion.

NeatPack has safety D-rings on the side between the top and front zippers. You can use a lock or carabiner to lock the zippers and deter theft.

Finally, there’s a concealed zipper pocket on the bottom of the backpack. It’s hard to find and thieves looking quickly through a backpack could easily miss this pocket. Perfect for your most important travel items, like expensive jewelry, your passport/ID, and wallet.

NeatPack backpack
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Who likes getting caught in the rain or snow? I’ve been caught in a few rainy seasons. Having a waterproof backpack keeps your clothes and valuables safe and dry in any weather, even if you find yourself behind a waterfall in Iceland or going down a log flume in Disney World.

Waterproof doesn’t mean hot though. The mesh straps and backing keep the backpack breathable on your shoulders and back. The shoulder straps are also adjustable and lightly padded for comfort.

NeatPack backpack is waterproof

Lifetime Guarantee

One of the best features of the NeatPack backpack is that the companies offer a 100 percent lifetime guarantee. Just register your backpack on their website and they guarantee it will be the last backpack you ever need! And at such a low price, it’s the perfect investment.

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Product Review: NeatPack Backpack

NeatPack was kind enough to send me the product in my photos to test and review to help my friends and followers with a real, honest, unbiased opinion about the NeatPack foldable backpack. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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