Belgium is a smaller place not on the same tourist scale as places like Rome, Paris, Berlin, or Madrid. Sadly, I don’t understand why! Belgium was one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited, and even the capital of Brussels didn’t have the same big-city feel that usually makes cities lose their uniqueness and history. Every place in Belgium that I was lucky enough to visit holds a special place in my heart.



Belgian beer, Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles, Belgian fries. Belgium knows that the secret to keeping people happy is through their stomach! I’m not a picky eater (or drinker), but there is definitely something special about Belgian food and drinks. Belgian beer is world-renowned and tops the charts in quality, taste, and body. Delirium night club in Brussels in a world famous bar with over 2500 Belgian beers. The book of beers on tap is about a big as a dictionary (and actually is a dictionary of sorts). There are 2 breweries and a beer museum in Bruges. Anywhere you go, you will find excellent Belgian beer, and the Belgians are proud of their contribution.

Belgian chocolates are fantastic. Most of the touristy shops are expensive and more about show, but one thing holds true in every chocolate shop: Belgian chocolates are well made and delicious. As hard as I tried to bring some Belgian chocolate home, it didn’t last more than 15 minutes. All the more reason to go back!

Sadly, I didn’t get to try any waffles or fries while in Belgium, but the little stands on every corner selling waffles and fries are on the same level as the hot dog vendors in New York City. They are in every nook and cranny, on every corner, in every restaurant, and pop up stands can be found in every other store. Why, oh why, didn’t I get any Belgian waffles or Belgian fries while I was in Belgium? I guess I was just too focused on the chocolate and beer!

Natural Beauty


Whether driving through the country or taking trains through the countryside, the perfectly manicured pastures and rolling hills really stand out. There is so much countryside and farmland in Belgium and the bright green contrasts so beautifully against the deep blue sky. There is very little destruction or dilapidation, even in big cities. The Belgian people work hard and take pride in their beautiful country, and it shows.

From Historic to Present Day

Groot Begijnhof
Groot Begijnhof

From historic Leuven, with it’s gothic architecture and UNESCO World Heritage sites recently restored, to Bruges with its canals and windmills, to present day capital city Brussels, which still holds all of its historic importance and influence, you can find anything in Belgium. You can travel back in time and imagine yourself surrounded by carriages pulled by horses, you can imagine different boats going down the canals as the years passed and technology grew, you can find museums that honor the past, or art galleries that honor the present. In Belgium, there is something for everyone.


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