She Went To Spain includes everything about destinations I have visited. I also include interesting travel-related posts.

My destination pages include:

  • Hotel reviews
  • Tour reviews
  • Best activities
  • Awesome local restaurants/bars
  • Transportation
  • Funny anecdotes or cute stories of personal experiences
  • Different cultures and traditions
  • Local customs

I try to avoid talking about the places that I didn’t enjoy, but sometimes I do mention things that aren’t worth doing.

My goal: to encourage people to travel more, whether it’s in their own backyard, within their country, or across the world. I hope to help those who are hesitant and nervous to break out of their shell and experience something new. I hope my blog will help people see past stereotypes and be more accepting and willing to try new things.

My audience consists of:

  • 68 percent ages 18-34
  • 80 percent female
  • 45 percent U.S.-based (followed by 8 percent U.K.-based; 8 percent Canada-based)
  • 83 percent English-speaking (as a first language)

I’m active on all social media platforms and try to post at least four times per week. I try to post a new blog post at least once per month.

I’ve been featured in:

  • Global Living Magazine (online)
  • International Living Magazine (print)
  • Global Travel Magazine (print and online)
  • Beyond Travel Magazine (print)
  • Travel Channel social media

I have single-handedly created social media networking sites and blogs for a local business and maintained social media for a large dual-state company. I’ve written hotel descriptions for hotels across the world for Hipmunk. I’ve researched and blogged about the best travel destinations in the U.S. for multiple companies. I’ve also written about events worth visiting in cities throughout the world for various companies.

I accept the following forms of collaboration:

  • Sponsored posts
    • Detailed, unique content
    • Photographs
    • Social media promotion on all applicable channels
    • Backlinks
  • Press trips
    • Detailed, unique content
    • Honest reviews
    • Photographs
    • Videos
    • Social media promotion on all channels
    • Backlinks
  • Giveaways
    • Partner-provided giveaway
    • Virtual or tangible
    • Socialmedia promotion on all applicable channels
    • Backlinks
  • Guest posts by She Went To Spain on other sites
    • Unique and detailed content in the tone of your website
    • Article topic first approved by author that your readers will engage in and find interesting
    • Photographs (videos when applicable)
    • Social media promotion on all applicable channels
    • Links to relevant sites that benefit your audience
  • Guest posts on*
    • Must be travel-related.
    • Must include title and body keywords that I choose based on article topic (submitted by guest author).
    • Unique and detailed content (no fluff). Must not be plagiarized or paraphrased from another site.
    • Must be less than 25 percent passive voice.
    • No grammar or spelling errors.
    • Must include H2 headings.
    • Any links must point to informative, relative sites (no spam). Linking back to your own site is fine.
    • Generally, I cannot accept affiliate links due to affiliate site .guidelines.
    • At least one photo; additional photos as relevant. Photos must have keywords in alternative text.
    • No author accounts will be given: guest author must submit a text document to me at the email address below for review.
    • I fully own all content published on my site, but author will be given credit for the article.
    • Author is expected to contribute to the blogging community by responding to questions or comments on his/her article.
    • I will not accept destination page articles.
    • Not all requests will be accepted. Please reach out with an article topic before writing an article to submit.
      * She Went To Spain rarely accepts guest posts. However, careful consideration will be given to those wishing to contribute to an article post on this website as long as all guidelines are followed properly.

If you are like-minded and interested in working together, please contact me at or by filling out the form below.

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