Morocco is about the same size as the state of California. There are over 32 million people living in Morocco. Ethnically, Moroccans are of Berber (Northern African indigenous) and Arab decent. The official languages of Morocco are Berber and Arabic, but French is also spoken in the country.

The capital of Morocco is Rabat, although the largest city is Casablanca with about 4 million people. Other major cities include Marrakech, Tangier, Tetouan, Sale, Fes, Agadir, Meknes, Oujda, Kenitra, and Nador. There are two small Spanish-controlled areas in Morocco: Ceuta and Melilla.

There are two mountain ranges running through Morocco: the Atlas Mountains and the Rif Mountains. To the south lies the Sahara Desert. Morocco is a country for everyone: you can visit a beach, mountains and ski resorts, or a desert all in a week’s trip.

Moroccan cities usually have mosques with beautiful towers, called minarets, market areas called bazaars, old medieval sections called medinas, and old fortresses called kasbahs. Green tea with mint is a popular beverage in Morocco. The most famous Moroccan dish is couscous, but other popular dishes include pastilla, tajine, and harira. Chicken is the most common meat.

The most popular sport in Morocco is football (soccer). The Moroccan national team became the first African and Arab country to make the second round of a World Cup in 1986.

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